Tnm has hiked for data bandle

Telekom Network Malawi has hiked prices for its data bundles with effect from today.
Effective 1st June, price for TNM’s smart 30MB will rise from K120 to K150 while smart start daily is now at K100 from K65.
TNM subscribers will now have to part with K300 to buy Smart start weekly which was at K250.
Price for smart super surf daily has risen from K1,250 to K1800 while smart super surf weekly is now at K2500 from K1,850.
There also price increases for smart 512MB – from K2800 to K3500, and smart 2GB – from K5800 to K7000.
The rise in data tariffs is coming at a time when government has claimed that the country’s economy is improving.
But critics have said the economic gains have not trickled down to Malawians .


The body of Judge Nyakwawa Usiwausiwa, who died in a car accident in Lilongwe on Thursday, will be buried at his home village in Mulanje on today , a spokesman has confirmed.

Judiciary spokesperson Mulenga Mvula said the body will be transferred from Kamuzu Central Hospital to Mulanje via Blantyre on Friday.

Mvula said Usiwausiwa body will be buried at Matipwiri village in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Mthiramanja.

The newly appointed judge died in a car accident on the Lilongwe Bypass Road on his way from Mzuzu where had just been posted recently.

Mvula said the judiciary is very concerned with the death of Usiwausiwa, saying he was a very humble man with zeal to improve justice delivery in the country.

An eyewitness said that Usiwausiwa’s vehicle hit a pavement before landing in a nearby field on all tyres.

Before he was appointed judge, Usiwa-Usiwa served as Chief Resident Magistrate Court in Blantyre.

He was known for passing maximum sentences to convicts, including the 14 year jail term for gay couple Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, who were later pardoned by President Bingu wa Mutharika.

He was later promoted to Registrar of the High Court and Supreme Court of Malawi.

Usiwausiwa, after graduating from the University of Malawi, worked with Times Group but later returned to Chancellor College to study law.

Usiwausiwa was appointed judge to replace George Bakuwa who died a month after his appointment in October last year.




The Malawi Defence Force (MDF) will next month start recruiting young men and women as regular soldiers of the country

.According to a letter signed by Brigadier General T.G Chaona, the recruitment campaign will be held in four centres across the country from June 12 to June 19.

MDF starts recruitment process next month.


The MDF letter indicates that in the northern region of Malawi the exercise will be held at Mzuzu Upper Stadium.

In the central region, the recruitment campaign will be held at Lilongwe community ground.People in the southern will be recruited at the Kamuzu upper Stadium while in the eastern region the exercise will be held at Gymkana ground in Zomba district.Meanwhile, MDF has asked District Commissioners to authenticate candidates’ letters of identification.

how to get your girlfriend back



How to Get Your

Girlfriend Back

You’ve been regretting it since the day

you let her go. And you can’t sleep

another day without doing something

about it. If you really love her, do not

give up. Get on your feet and win your

girlfriend back.

To start you off the right track, here are

some points and tips to keep in mind.

Give her space after the break-up. The

harder you push, the more she might

pull away. If she says she needs some

time, respect her decision. Do not call

her every minute of the day. Last thing

you want is to annoy her with your over-

persistence, and worse, drive her into a

habit of hiding from you.

Do not beg or plead. This tends to

scream desperation. Even if you are

actually desperate to win her back, do

not turn clingy.

You can court her all over again with

flowers, chocolates and letters. But while

the gifts are bound to draw a smile,

winning her back will require a more

personal and sincere gesture.

Show her that you are worthy of a

second chance . Use the time you have

spent apart since the break-up to reflect.

Think back on the qualities that

attracted her to you in the first place.

Play up your strengths. Become the man

she first fell for.

Figure out what exactly went wrong

with your relationship. Replay in your

head the conversations, and even fights,

you had.

From there, you’ll know what needs to

be fixed . If it was something you did, ask

yourself why you did it in the first place.

This way, you are clear on which issues

you need to come to terms with. If it was

a problem with your behavior, then work

on your weak spots.

After you have made the necessary

“fixes”, arrange to meet or talk with

her . You can check with her friends if

they think she’s ready to hear you out.

Be patient.

When she does agree to a

conversation, humbly apologize for

your wrongdoings and take

responsibility for your actions . “Sorry”

goes a long way.

But do not stop at an apology. Convince

her that your relationship deserves a do-

over. Assure her that you will be a much

better partner this time around. Pour

your heart out.

Do not, however, force the

reconciliation . Show her how much you

want to be with her. Let everything else

fall into place.

Also, do not pressure her into deciding

on your future right away . Let her know

of your intentions and your feelings, but

assure her that you will completely

respect her choice.

Remember that there’s no need to focus

all your energies on this quest. Have

some time to yourself as well. Do what

makes you feel good, may it be a new

diet, a new hobby or a new look. Who

knows, this might even win you extra

points with her.

The effective “rules of engagement” will

vary with each guy and each

relationship. Use the tips listed above as

a guide to plotting your plan of action.

Just remember that sincerity and

determination are key. And of course,

being mature, responsible, respectful

and thoughtful always comes handy.

Good luck



Bengo……..hey sweet, ndili panja pa mpanda wakwanu

Girl……..iiiiiiih sorry ndatalikila ndili ku Lilongwe

Bengo…….eish ok ndinali ndi fifty thousand ndiye basi next time

Girl…….aaaaah chonde tangondipatsa 2 minutes ndikubwela

Bengo……..what? 2 minutes from Lilongwe to Blantyre zitheka bwanji?

Girl………ayiii ndili kwa a neba ndiye timangokutcha ku Lilongwe

Bengo…….oooooh ok…..ndiye pangatu changu bcoz ndili ndi mzanga uyu timamutcha fifty thousand watopa

Girl……..Zaugalu eti……..

kkkkkkkkkkk atambwali sametana samala ndi 2017 iyi

Bengo vs janet

14720343_1653442021614169_8386989480769454575_nBengo amacheza ndi chibwezi chake pa watsap…




Bengo:honey ndimafuna weekend ubwere kuden


Janet:sizithekacoz ndikuchokapo


Bengo:ukupita kutJanet:Ku ukwati wa mzanga



Bengo:ndiye mpaka kukanika kubwera,osajombako bwanji?




Janet:aaaa iwe sindingayelekeza…munthu oti taphunzila limodz,or patavuta sindingalepherekupitako tidzakumana weekend inayo






Bengo:ok bas coz ndimafuna tipite Ku nyanja tikasambe,malingana ndikutenthaku komanso ndimafuna nkakugulile zovala zija,koma ndiye basi apopo



Janet:basi ndibwera honey osadandaula ndimakukonda kwambir ndipo nzagona konko





Bengo:nanga ukwati wa mzakowo?Janet:ndimangonama honey



Bengo:inenso ndimangonama �…….moti pano chibwezi chatha



A court in Mchinji district has sentencedtwo men to five years imprisonment for attempting to sell their two nephews.The two cousins, Yesaya Etifala and Ackim James, last week approached a businessman in the district and offered to sell him their two nephews aged four and five at K300, 000.The offer shocked the businessman andhe reported the issue to police who cornered and arrested the men before they had a chance to kidnap the kids.In court, the two men were found guilty of buying or disposing of a person as slave which is contrary to Section 267 ofthe penal codeState prosecutor Gerald Ngoma asked the court for stiff punishment saying that the convicts are married and have children but opted to sell their nephews whilst leaving their children safer.His Worship Governor Chiipanthenga then sentenced the two to five years imprisonment with hard labour.Both convicts hail from Lameck village, Traditional Authority Nkanda in Mchinji