Good well Gondwe says

Finance, Economic Planning and Development Minister Goodall Gondwe on Monday assured opposition legislatures that there has been a solution to pay teachers arrears and leave grants at a right time.
Gondwe said this in Parliament after opposition legislatures wondered why his ministry is failing to end the teachers strike by paying them their arrears and leave grants, while calling him an incompetent minister.
Salima North-West MP Jessie Kabwila (Malawi Congress Party-MCP) challenged Minister of Education Emmanuel Fabiano to resign if he did not have solutions to the teachers strike which has affected the learing in public primary and secondary school for a week now.
“We havebeen here for weeks yet students at Chancellor College are not in class and oupils are on the streets because teachers are not in class,” said Kabwila who is also an education activist.
Kabwila accused Fabiano of sleeping on the job and sitting on the problems.
However, Gondwe rescued Fabiano when he apologized to the legislatures for the delay and assured then that his ministry has managed to fast track the whole process.
“I am indeed incompetent this year but next year you will call me competent minister because teachers will be enjoying with this process,” said Gondwe.
Adding that “issues of teacher s strike due to arrears and leave grants occurs yearly in the country. This is because of the system that government was using to pay teachers, thus why we have decided to change it. And believe me or not, this problem will be over.”
The system involved transferring of funds from the central government to all district councils.
According to Gondwe, the new system will empower the District Commissioners to decide when and how to pay the teachers in good time.
Gondwe informed the House that Treasury has processed teachers’ leave grants for 21 districts out of 28 and that funds were supposed to be remitted by close of business son Monday.
Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) President Willie Malimba has vowed not go to classes till government address their grivenances..
Meanwhile, learners in public primay schools in Blantyre City, Ntcheu and Balaka took to the streets on Monday to protest against the teachers’ continued strike.
The learners blocked roads, including the M1 Road stretch between Chingeni in Balaka and Bawi in Ntcheu and some wew demanding money from passers-by and motorists apparently to pay the teachers’ leave grants and other outstanding grievances.


Most Nsanje secondary school

Most Nsanje Secondary School female pupils are sleeping in classrooms as the school does not have enough girls’ hotels.
The school’s Head Teacher Overton Chikuni described the situation as horrible as it is compromising the female learners’ privacy and security.
Chikuni said the female learner’s privacy is compromised with the current set up since the girls have to walk a reasonable distance to sanitary facilities from the improvised hostels.
“We are saying these rooms which the female learners are lodging in are classrooms, therefore, they are not very close to sanitary facilities such as toilets. This means female learners walk a reasonable distance even at night to access these facilities hence not secure,” said Chikuni.
According to Chikuni, Nsanje Secondary School was designed to enroll 40 female learners every academic year however, only 20 girls are admitted every year due to accommodation problems.
“It is our appeal to stakeholders, government and well-wishers to consider assisting us with girls’ hostels so that classrooms should be used for learning and not for lodging. We want more female learners in Nsanje District to benefit from the services we are offering here and improve our education system,” explained the head teacher.
Chikuni also called on the cooperate world to assist them with resources to construct a brick fence to ensure that the secondary school has maximum security.
Meanwhile, Toyota Malawi Limited has donated 150 desks worth K5 million to Nsanje Secondary School in an effort to improve the learning environment at the school.
Presenting the donation on Wednesday, Toyota Malawi General Manager Andrew Katimba said his organization made the donation as part of its cooperate social responsibility.
“It is our responsibility to complement government’s efforts in promoting quality education hence this donation,” said Katimba.
Receiving the donation on behalf of the school, Shire Highlands Education Division Manager Henry Gwede said the donation has come at a right time when the school needs it most.

4Girls failed to sit primary school examination

Four girls from Yofu primary school in Likoma failed to sit for the just ended Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) exams as they are expectant.
According to Malawi News Agency, the development has shocked education stakeholders in the district.
Speaking with MANA, Headteacher for the school Emmanuel Wahosi Chirwa said the four girls were among 36 girls who were to sit for the exams.
Chirwa added that five other girls from different classes at the school have also dropped out after getting pregnant.
“Some of the girls were secondary school material, we had tried to talk to their parents to let them sit for the exams but didn’t yield anything,” the headteacher said.
Chirwa attributed the situation to a trend in which parents push their teen daughters to fishermen who then gives the parents fish.
He however, explained that some boys dropped out of school as well and started fishing.
Commenting on the issue, Likoma community policing officer Elijah Kasote told Mana that police have failed to bring perpetrators to book due to the girls’ parents who misrepresented facts.