Three people arrested in Blantyre

Malawi Police in Blantyre have arrested three suspects in connection to the theft of four rolls of Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi (ESCOM) cables, worth over K1 million.
According to Blantyre Police Public Relations Officer (PRO) Elizabeth Divala, the three Jester Saukira 40, Gift Austin 20, and James Mpaso 30, were arrested on Saturday following a tip which the police got from a security firm.
“We were tipped by Alpha Security Team who were on patrol and immediately after the tip, we followed the information and managed to arrest the suspects at Makata Township in Ndirande,” she said.
Divala said the police are still investigating the circumstances as to how the three managed to get the cables which were found in a Toyota Venture at the time of arrest.
“The three were using a Toyota Venture registration number BM212. Currently, investigations are underway to establish how the three got the cables as well as to determine the actual value of the cables which could be a million plus,” she said.
The police also found a hacksaw in the vehicle in which the cables were found.
The three will soon appear in court to answer charges of theft.
Jester saukira and Gift Austin hail from Makata Village in Blantyre District while James Mpaso is from Dzungu Village in Traditional Authority (T/A) Bvumbwe in Thyolo District.
In January this year, the police also arrested three ESCOME employees for stealing a three phase transformer worth K6 million.


17Years old boy arrested in Nkhatabay

Malawi Police in Nkhatabay District are keeping custody 17-year old boy arrested for allegedly defiling a three-year-old girl for a ritual.
According to Nkhata Bay Police Station spokesman Ignatius Esau, the suspect reportedly claimed that his grandfather has bewitched him to defile the girl to boost fish catches in the Lake Malawi.
Police spokesman said the boy took advantage of the absence of the victim’s parents to sexually abuse her.
“He dragged her into a kitchen. The victim’s cry alerted neighbours who apprehended and brought him to police, “narrated Esau.
He said a medical examination proved that the girl had been defiled

Three people arrested in mchinji

Malawi Police in Mchinji have arrested three notorious criminals who have been behind a series of aggravated robberies in the country.
Mchinji Police Station spokesman Inspector Kaitano Lubrino, one of the thugs, Binali Mataka, 35, was arrested during the wee hours of Monday by police officers.
“Immediately after his arrest, the police received a report that a shop belonging to Metro in the district was broken into by unknown thugs who went away with a cash chest. It is indicated in police records that before entering the shop, the criminals tied the watchman’s legs and hands and then used a gas apparatus to break the burglar bars and went away with the safe,” he said.
According to an assessment by the Branch Manager for the shop, Atusaye Mwamulima, the cash stolen amounts to K3, 024, 000, 00.
According to Lubrino, Police investigations connected Mataka with the Metro robbery which later led to the arrest of two other suspects Gerald Yassin Chilumpha and Pemba Katinji in Zomba and Blantyre respectively.
“The watchman for the shop (name withheld) has also been detained for further probing after he was mentioned that he played a role in supervising the criminals,” said the Police PRO.
According to Lubrino, among other valuables, the police have recovered cash amounting to K906, 000, two motor vehicles, two plasma Television screens, one laptop, three digital cameras and two gas cylinders.
“The arrest of these criminals will help police to solve some of the outstanding aggravated cases of violent crimes at Kasungu PTC, Ntcheu PTC, Dedza FMB, Salima OIBM, Nkhotakota PTC, Mtaja Sobo and MSB where the trio confessed to have had a hand,” he said.
The suspects are expected to appear before court after investigations are concluded.

27year old man arrested in Dowa

Police in Dowa district have arrested 27-year-old Maliseni Misomali for impersonating a police officer.
Dowa Police spokesperson Richard Kaponda said the man was arrested at Kamphasi Village Traditional Authority Msakambewa over the weekend by Community Policing Forum members.
“On 27 May 2017 the suspect went to Gomani Trading Centre and asked Redson Bikitoni, who owns a bar to produce a liquor licence, but the man failed to do so. The suspect then asked the man to pay K30,000 but the businessman only paid K25,000.”
Over the weekend, Misomali went to Kamphasi Trading Centre where he also claimed to be a police officer and asked Titani Molovesi who also has a bar, to show him a liquor licence.
The businessman asked him to first show his police Identity card (ID) but the suspect did not manage to show the ID.
This raised eyebrows of the businessman and he alerted the chairman of community policing forum in the area who immediately arrested the impostor.
When he was taken to Dowa Police station Misomali admitted that he was not a police officer.
The suspect will appear in court soon to answer the charge of impersonating a public officer contrary to section 99, Sub Section B of the Penal Code.
He comes from Kainja Village, Traditional Authority Mkukula in Dowa.

24years old man has been arrested in Dedza

A 25-year-old man has been arrested in Dedza for alleged illegal possession of a gun, 440 live ammunition and an explosive.
Dedza Police Spokesperson Sub Inspector Edward Kabango has identified the suspect as Chengetani Kambuzi .
“The suspect was keeping a gun, an explosive weighing five kgs and 440 live ammunitions in his house, ”said Kabango
Sub Inspector Edward Kabango said the suspect resides at Kunjawa village near Dzalanyama Forest in Dedza District.
Kabango said they got a tip from well wishers that the man was keeping a gun and ammunitions in his house.
Kabango said the police followed the tip and a search was conducted in his house and the ammunition plus the explosive were found.
“Currently we are investigating to trace where he got the live ammunition and a gun,.
“We are calling upon members of the public to continue sharing useful information with us to arrest the criminals,” added Kabango.
Kambuzi comes from Kunjawa village in the area of Traditional Authority Kachere in Dedza

Man killed after stealing


Though police officers in Malawi have pleaded with the public to resist mob justice, the practice seems to be enjoyed by many as residents from Chileka in Blantyre burnt a man suspected to be a thief in the wee hours of Sunday.

Grace Mwale has confirmed of the news.

The man, Chifundo Antonio, is reported to have planned to steal at the house of Evangelical Church pastor Paul Kachembere in the township.

Chileka Police spokesperson Grace Mwale said the pastor noticed that a thief had invaded his house and shouted for help.

“People around the neighbourhood got the call for help and he was caught and set ablaze by the community members,” said Mwale.

Postmortem results revealed that death occurred due to serious burns and head injuries. The deceased was from Kadewere village, Traditional Authority (TA) Kadewere in Chiradzulu district.



Chamba trafficker netted in salima




both hands and legs with cobs”.

Police in Salima has arrested a 30 year old Maziko

Banda of Village/T/A Chiseka District Lilongwe for

being Found in Possession of 53 cobs of Indian Hemp

without Licence.

On May 3, the suspect was travelling along the Lake

shore road using a Dulux Coach Registration number

NN 8768 from Dwangwa heading Mangochi after

wrapping his both hands and legs with the said cobs as

one way of hiding the stuff but was unfortunate that

when he reached Kaphatenga Police Road Block

(Salima), one of the police officer manning the Road

Block was suspicious with the outlook of the suspect

and when he was searched its when the said stuff was

discovered and got him arrested. Maziko Banda will

appear in court soon where he will answer charges of

being Found in Possession of Indian Hemp without


People of mzimba has burns to death a34 years old man

People of Madede in Mzimba District has burns to death a 34-year-old man identified as Biko Mhlanga for allegedly breaking into a house of a businessperson where he is alleged to have stolen K600, 000.

Mhlanga and his accomplices are said to have broken into the house of Mirriam Nyirenda.

Witnesses said Nyirenda was injured in the course of the robbery at her house.

The suspect was identified as a businessperson who plied his trade at Euthini Trading Centre in the district.

According to witnesses, an angry mob followed Mhlanga to his house at Euthini and took him to Mdede where he is said to have confessed stealing money from Nyirenda, a development that incensed the villagers who drained petrol from the suspects’ motorcycle and poured it on him before setting him alight.

Mzimba Police Station spokesman Peter Botha confirmed the incident took place on Saturday, saying the suspect was rescued by police officers from Mbalachanda Police Unit who rushed him to Madede Health Centre.

He said the suspect was referred to Mzimba District Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Hospital authorities said Mhlanga died from severe burns.

Botha has advised the public against taking the law into their own hands.

He added that police are still investigating to arrest those involved in the mob justice act.

The incident comes hot on the heels of a similar case at Eswazini in the area of Insoki Kampingo Sibande in the same district where an angry mob torched a vehicle belonging to Esau Mwale after it ran over a man.

The late Mhlanga came from Mkhuluwayi Village, Traditional Authority Chindi in Mzimba District.


Woman arrested in dedza for murdering her husband


Police in Dedza are keeping in custody a 32 year-old woman for allegedly murdering her husband following a quarrel last Friday night.

Dedza Police Station spokesperson Edward Kabango identified the suspect as Sellina Mabvuto from Biliyati village while the deceased, 34 year-old Finias Mabvuto hailed from Mkomeko village both in the area of Traditional Authority Kasumbu in the district.

He said on that fateful day, the deceased, who was a polygamist went to the house of his elder wife (Sellina) at around 10pm and they started fighting after she accused him of spending more time with the second wife.

He said in the course of the fight, Sellina took a hoe and hit the deceased several times all over the body.

“After noticing that he had died, she dumped the body some 400 metres from the house. But it was discovered in the morning at around 5 am,” explained Kabango.

He further said the suspect pretended to be shocked upon the discovery of the body but after following the blood drops they were led to her house. She was arrested the same day.

Post-mortem conducted at Dedza district hospital indicated that Finias died due to loss of blood.

In a related development, Dedza Police have arrested two people for being found in possession of canabis sativa and mandrax.

According to Kabango, police erected a roadblock along Masasa-Golomoti road and after searching the vehicle, registration number BS 3611, they found the said drugs. The two were coming from Cape Maclear in Mangochi.

Kabango identified the suspects as Rehana Swart 47, a South African national and Salimu Sumaisi 30 from Malimu village, T/A Malemia in Zomba.

They will appear in court soon to answer charges of being found in possession of illegal drugs.

Rumphi Magistrate’s court has convicted and sentenced Vuka Mkoloma Mtete to six years imprisonment with hard labour (IHL) for killing a Hippopotamus in Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve,

Rumphi Magistrate’s court has convicted and sentenced Vuka Mkoloma Mtete to six years imprisonment with hard labour (IHL) for killing a Hippopotamus in Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve.
Mtete was slapped with additional charge of setting fire in a protected area which is against Section 38 of Parks and Wildlife Act of 2004 (Amendment) and that earned him 12 months IHL.The two sentences will run concurrently.
State Prosecutor Senior Superintendent, Christopher Katani pleaded with the court to give Mtwete stiffer punishment to deter other would be offenders also considering that he was not the first offender.
In mitigation, Mtete pleaded with the court to exercise leniency, saying he looks after his family that giving him a stiffer penalty would make his dependents suffer.
Mzuzu based Chief Resident Magistrate, Texas Masoamphambe observed that Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve is a protected area and it is the responsibility of every Malawian to protect all species of plants and animals because they attract revenue through tourism.
Mtete, 45, comes from Mkoloma Village, in the area of Traditional Authority Chikulamayembe in Rumphi district.-