Relationship or your life



It ’ s very unfortunate that some people put their whole life in a relationship. Some go mad when it fails . Others can ’t eat and they deform while others take their own life because they can ’ t stand it or the stigma . A lot of people especially females get so depressed because of relationship wahala.

The people who brought you into this world and took care of you all your life till that boy or girl met you… . what about them? Don ’ t they mean anything to you? Who said the boy or the girl you killed yourself because of won ’ t move on in life to marry another person ? Why do you want to kill yourself because of a failed relationship when life is far bigger than that mere relationship?

Relationships is all about studying each other to check if the two of you can LOVE each other, UNDERSTAND each other and TRUST each other for the rest of your life . If for whatever reason you don ’ t see the person to be who you want, you don ’t see in him to be the mother or father of your children, you dont see that he or she is making any effort whatsoever to make the relationship work… . . the best thing to do is to move on with your life .

You get to the market to buy tomatoes . The seller presented what looks like fresh tomatoes to you. Out of curiosity you decided to check the ones at the bottom and unfortunately they were all rotten . Do you continue to buy from that seller? NO ! you move on to the next seller and this time you do a proper check. Even if you don ’t see it early and take them home before realising it… NEXT TIME you go to the market you become wiser than before but you don ’ t say YOU WON ’T COOK ANYMORE. Loosers always quit but fighters fight on in life and never give up.

There are soooooo many people whose ex are fighting their way back into their lives but it’ s too late and they have become HISTORY and nothing more . Break up or failed relationship does not define your life . If your partner decides to cheat on you or decides to date another person , it doesn’ t mean life has come to an end . Open a new chapter and let that be a lesson to you but don’ t also go into your next relationship thinking the same thing will happen . Give everybody equal chance but your decisions or choices must be GUUDED by your experience.

As a counsellor , I have come across ladies who told me they were dating 5 different guys at the same time. As for guys dating 10 or more it has become a fashion … . unfortunately!

Break ups and broken hearts will come but you have to put it behind you as something that is part of life and know that you didn ’ t invent it… . work on yourself, improve and move on. Life MUST go on!

There is always somebody who is patiently waiting for the type of person you are and when you find that person , you will look back and realise that you were being prepared for such a person . I can’ t promise you a holy relationship or perfect relationship because the person you will date is not GOD but man with human errors . Just find somebody whose errors you can tolerate for the rest of your life .

Never rush into a relationship. Take your time and don’ t just be enjoying yourself but use your brains to figure things out . Open your eyes to look beyond what you are seeing and above all know why you are in the relationship.

It ’ s not embarrassing to break up or walk away from a relationship that isn ’ t working after making your best effort . What is the point in being in a taxi that the engine is spoilt and still hoping that you will get to your destination ????

Don ’ t let anybody buy your love because same or better offer can be made to another person . Don ’ t sell yourself cheap by allowing money or material things to make you be in love .

Don ’ t let a guy or lady love you just because of your shape , curves , skin , colour or how pretty you are … . . let it be based on your unique character that the person has identified with … . before that person will know that about you, it will take a while and so that is why you don ’ t need to RUSH .

Finally… . if it’ s not TIME for you to get into a relationship and you do … . it won ’ t work.

If you lie or pretend to get into a relationship with somebody . . it wont last long and it won ’ t work.

If you feel that you can use sex to force or influence a guy to love you… it won ’ t work.

If you think your money or wealth can buy you LOVE … . think about it very well because it ’s the money the person loves but not you the person .

Know when enough is ENOUGH and walk away before it’ s too late. Respect yourself by placing VALUE on it. How many guys have removed your panties in this life ( that is if you even wear them ) and have had sex with you? How many more are yet to have sex with you or see your nakedness? Are you that cheap or you just don ’ t know your value? How many girls do you want to have sex with ? Why do you keep using ladies and treating them like animals … . even animals have feelings .

You think you are the man when you keep using and fooling ladies who easily trust people? It rather shows how big a PROBLEM you have. You need serious counselling to help you find who you truly are or guide you become a better person .

It ’ s NOT too late to say to yourself NEVER AGAIN !!! you have been used and abused for a long time but this time is THE TIME… . . the final episode . Know that you are very precious and when you treat yourself that way . . the right person will see that uniqueness or that special you and come into your life .

Never RUSH into a relationship or else you will CRUSH !

Never assume that you are dating JESUS CHRIST or PROPHET MOHAMMED . Make room for error or mistakes in your relationship because you are dating a human being with flaws as none is perfect