Malasa to meet pac

Bishop for the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire, Brighton Malasa, has written the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) requesting for an audience, two week after the religious grouping bashed the Mutharika regime.

PAC released a performance assessment report which termed President Peter Mutharika’s administration a failure.

In an interview Monday, Bishop Malasa said he is concerned with the way PAC is acting on issues of national importance, hence his decision

to have an in-house discussion with its leadership.

The bishop, who has become the first man of God to volunteer offering advice to the religious body, says he has an important message on the

way PAC has been operating in recent times.

Bishop Malasa feels PAC went beyond its duties to term Mutharika’s administration a failure.

“There are many talks going around about the Public Affairs Committee with some people being discontented with what is going on in the executive so we want to talk about that as a house. Like in any other family there are so many issues which you can talk about,” he said.

Bishop Malasa also dismissed allegations from some quarters that he is being sponsored by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to condemn PAC.

“It is about putting the house in order. It has nothing to do with money, evil intentions or what so ever,” he said.

PAC Executive Director Robert Phiri said Monday: “The letter is yet to reach the PAC Secretariat.”

He, however, pointed out that the institution is ready to meet Bishop Malasa though doing so cannot change anything on its declaration that

President Mutharika’s administration has failed Malawians.

“The so called mother bodies who demand to be involved in decision making of PAC have been involved regularly. We can’t change our

position. It was well adopted. They were all involved at our meeting. We have their pictures and signatures,” he challenged.

In its letter PAC cited corruption and delays in investigating murder cases believed to be connected to the country’s political system as

some of issues which the current regime has failed to address.

Government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi said PAC has lost direction and now acting like a political party.

He said there was no way the executive could be involved in investigation issues of crime as there designated institutions for that cause.