“I dedicate this to that special person holding my heart a

“I dedicate this to that special person holding my
heart and all my fans here”
Take your time, read
and share it to all your friends out there.
Someone comes into your life,
Befriends you, He or she starts being so special
to you,
That person becomes so close to you, He or she
starts to mean everything to you, you start to
miss that person, and you then realize that your
life can’t go on without him or her, you start
missing food and sleep!
Your life totally changes.
That person promises you heaven on earth and
He or she keeps on telling you that he/she is
different from the ones you have ever had. You
heart gets softened till you surrender it to that
special person you call heaven sent.
Everything goes on well, you share good
moments… but suddenly, he/she starts to change
after getting what they wanted, He or she reduces
on the texts and calls, they start to build up many
excuses, That sweet heart of yours starts
becoming too busy for you..
You start to cry, plead and ask forgiveness but all
in vain till
you’re dumped and they move on.
You get heart-broken; you swear never to fall in
love again. You start hating love, you start saying
that all men and women are the same basing on
what that heartless ex did to you, you start
distrusting everyone. You live a single a life but
after sometime, you start admiring your happy
friends in love, loneliness squeezes you then you
decide to try loving a gain.
Another handsome dude or lady comes into your
life, you start to
think that he or she is heaven sent but still you
go through the same process
Friends that’s the journey of love, No one who
can escape it and no one who will never get heart
So if you have someone who is treating you like a
king or a queen, truly and faithfully love that
person because true love is hard to find. Do
whatever it takes for both of you to last longer.
Don’t easily dump that person because of minor
disagreements. Call or text that person, meet him
or her and apologize.
Value that person’s effort and everything he or
she sacrifices for you.
Don’t take that person’s love for granted because
someone out there
yearns for that person’s love and care. They long
to replace you one day.
Think about it most especially YOU reading this.
“Guys this is my own simple write up straight
from the bottom of my heart”