22 Things Only People In Long Distance Relationships Will Understand.

22 Things Only People In Long Distance
Relationships Will Understand.
1. You’re a whiz at calculating and remembering time-zones.
You know all about the hour, minute and
second differences. And if you’re in an LDR in
the same country, you learnt all the flight
timings and schedules by rote.
2. You know exactly which operator has the
best distance calling schemes.
And have probably juggled between cards and
numbers trying to get the best scheme.
3. You know all about space in a relationship.
You have a whole lot of space. There’s no
clingy partner and you have your freedom.
4. You’re a pro at Skype/Viber/Hangout sex.
In fact you’ve often wondered why Viber was
named Viber…
And you’re always paranoid about security.
5. You have explored a lot of exotic
destinations planning to meet midway.
You have traveled like a maniac, and always
find new places to meet. Meeting midway can
be fun!
6. You learn how important trust and
communication are to a relationship.
Being worlds apart and having your own
space does not mean you don’t talk.
Communicating is the key here.
7. You ace planning.
You’ve planned so many meetings and trips
together, you can create an itinerary in a
8. You constantly think of new ways and
tricks to surprise your partner.
You’re someone who’s actually written a
letter even in the digital age.
9. You learn so much about a new place and
culture without ever visiting it.
You know everything about a place. You have
Googled it to death, seen pictures of it
everyday, cooked local recipes from the
place. Only problem, never been there.
10. Most of your friends are permanently
sceptical about your relationship status.
They just don’t believe you when you tell
them you’re committed and in an LDR.
11. Misunderstandings take a whole lot of
effort to clear out.
Sometimes sorting misunderstandings over
Whatsapp, email and Viber can be extremely
12. You live each other’s most special
moments through pictures.
Your phone’s gallery is locked and you
probably have a separate hard drive or pen
drive for all those precious pictures and
13. You’re an ace at reading the emotions
behind messages and what each smiley of
your partner means.
You can guess your partner’s mood just from
their morning message. But sometimes, the
emoticons do flummox you.
14. You truly cherish every moment spent
You know how precious these moments are
and that they will soon pass.
15. You always have time for friends.
You never have to give up on your friends as
your partner is far away. No cancelled plans
with friends due to surprise dinner dates. It’s
the best of both worlds.
16. You know all about sacrificing sleep.
You’ve woken up at all odd hours just so you
can talk to your SO.
17. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
And you are a living testimony to the saying.
18. You sometimes don’t realise how your
partner has changed with time.
Sometimes, you’re still in love with the
person from the past. And that can make the
relationship difficult.
19. Each meeting is like falling in love all over
Each time you meet, you know why you fell in
love. And you fall in love all over again.
20. You’re ready to deal with a whole range
of emotional ups and downs.
It’s a roller coaster ride and the very fact that
you’re dealing with it will make you stronger.
21. You’re each other’s 3AM friend.
Literally. Because one of you is always awake.
22. That moment when you see them after
There are just no words.