Inspector General of Malawi Police Lexten Kachama on Friday conspicously missed at senior officers end of year party at police headquarters in Lilongwe raising questions on his health.
















This came barely days after the social
media was awash with speculations
that he was admitted to a South African
hospital with an undisclosed disease.
The Facebook posts claimed senior
officers were repramanding law
enforcers who were leaking the story.
However, police spokesman at Area
30, James Kadadzera refuted the










tmp_18082-kachama-858487814At the Area 30 senior officers end of
year party, Kachama was represented
by Willie Mwaluka, senior assistant
deputy commissioner of police.
He did not say anything on the IG but
applauded police officers for the job
well done in 2016.
Mwaluka said 66 police officers died in
2016, half of whom died in line of duty.