people in Karonga district failed to celebrate on New Year’s Eve following heavy rains that destroyed their houses and property.
















in karonga
More people suffer
in karonga
More people suffer

The heavy rains which hit Chilumba in
the district in the wee hours of Sunday
were accompanied by strong winds
which blew off roofs of houses and fell
trees in its wake.










one of the people who witnessed the
incident revealed that most of the
residents’ household property has
been destroyed by the rains.




The source said the destruction of
houses in the area has happened at a
bad time as the area has no grasses
which people can use to thatch their
houses and parents are budgeting for
school fees and associated materials.
“The people here are really stranded
right now, I don’t know where and how
to start,” said the source.
The district disaster officer could not
be reached for comment as we went to
Meanwhile, the community is calling
for help from government and other