Malawi President Peter Mutharika has told the nation and those involved in any corrupt activities that nobody will like the war he is to fight in the year 2017.


Mutharika said this in his 2016 end of
the year presidential address on
The president said the fight against
corruption is to take a different pace in
the year 2017 as he knows there is
corruption in public service, judiciary,
national assembly, civil society, local

“Our fight against corruption will take a
different pace in 2017, and some of
you will not like my war. I want to
thank all Malawians who are
concerned with corruption, your
concerns are my concerns,” Mutharika
He further praised Malawians who
reject, resist, and report corruption.
Mutharika however claimed that his
critics are making every effort so that
his government should be perceived as
the most corrupt in the world.
“I know there is both patriotic and
political motives to the debate on
corruption, but this is the bottom line.
Fighting corruption is a long road war,
every war is fought in a battle and so
far we have won all court cases on
cashgate, more battles are in or on the
way to the courts of law, the war
against corruption is on and we will
win it,” he explained.
Mutharika also thanked all Malawians
who made 2016 a success in its own
way and thanked the police for
providing national security and for
reducing crime.
Critics have however claimed that the
president is not serious about fighting
corruption as evidenced by his
reluctance to fire ministers suspected
to be involved in cashgate.
Mutharika’s government also shot
down a bill in Parliament that would
have ensured a more independent Anti-
Corruption Bureau.