People’s Party (PP) has asked President Peter Mutharika to institute investigations into the rot in the procurement process of maize from neighbouring Zambia.


PP said in a statement that President
Mutharika should relieve of their duties
CEO for state-produce trader
Agricultural Development and
Marketing Corporation (Admarc),
Foster Mulumbe and Minister of
Angriculture, Irrigation and Water
George Chaponda to pave way for
Orange Partners, an arm of the PP,
said in a statement that they are
shocked with the amount of revelations
made by media that the DPP led
government lied to the nation on
Zambia Maize deal and ad that at least
K9.5 billion was misappropriated in the
“Nevertheless what is more disgusting
is the level of impenitent demonstrated
by the Admarc officials and negligence
by the Ministry of Agriculture,” reads
the statement sgned by the Partners’
national coordinator, who is also PP
administrative secretary, Joseph
Chikwemba said the Partners have
concluded that the fight against
corruption in this country will remain
“a kindergarten song” until leaders and
those in positions of authority stop
talking tough but rather begin to walk
the talk.
“Unfortunately most leaders prefer to
govern where institutions are very
weak or do not exist, so that they will
not be accountable for their corrupt
behavior and abuse of office, no
wonder the Anti-Corruption Bureau is
just a club. With the absence of
effective checks and balances,
corruption continues unabated over the
past 50 years after independence,”
Chikwemba pointed out.
PP has since challenged Mutharika to
deal with corruption without fear or
favour and reaffirm the oath he took
publicly while holding the Bible, and
pledged that he will do what is right.
“In his own words he declared ‘I do
solemnly swear that I will well and
truly perform the functions of the high
office of President of the Republic of
Malawi, and that I will do right to all
manner of people according to law
without fear or favor, affection or ill-
will. So help me God’
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“We are hereby reminding him that
doing what is right to all manner of
people according to law without fear or
favor, affection means do all what is
necessary to advance the welfare of all
Malawians and demonstrate that he is
on top of the game in fighting against
corruption which is number one
contributing factor of all evils that
Malawians are facing today, including
hunger, disease, poverty,
unemployment and poor
infrastructures,” said Chikwemba.
He said the President should
demonstrate that he is not only
interested in anti-corruption campaign
and take pleasure in talking tough
against it but that he is willing to
sacrifice for the betterment of this
struggling nation.
“We understand the other definition of
corruption is misuse of public power
for private or political gain a manner
that contravenes the rules of the
game. Malawi is looking for leadership
that is committed in service delivery,
good governance, zero tolerance on
corruption, public reforms,
procurement reforms by encouraging
competition in providing goods and
services to the state through use of
more open procedures,” added.
The maize purchase deal is currently
marred with controversy regarding
contractual issues involving Admarc
and a private Zambian company,
Kaloswe Commuter and Courier
While Admarc boss Foster Mulumbe
insists that Admarc is buying the staple
grain from Zambia Cooperative
Federation (ZCF), a government
agency, documents show that Admarc
is actually using Kaloswe.
Meanwhile, Kaloswe is suing Admarc
for breach of contract.
According to Kaloswe chief executive
officer, Isaac Kapambwe, his company
signed a contract with Admarc in June
2016 to purchase and deliver maize.
Kapambwe said his company has “all
communications” on the deal with