Football Association of Malawi (Fam) has promised to keep the Malawi Under-20 National Football Team active during this off-season.


The Junior Flames struggled at the
Council of Southern Football
Association (Cosafa) Youth
Championship in South Africa, where
they lost to Zambia 3-0, the
Democratic Republic of Congo 1-0 and
drew 0-0 against Zimbabwe.
Fam’s Youth Development Officer,
James Sangala, recently said although
it will not be easy, the association will
try to organise something for the
players between now and April.
“It is not easy to disclose the type of
programme we have specifically for
the Under-20 players, but we believe
that with time, we can organise a
competitive game for them,” Sangala
said, adding that availability of
resources will determine the
“Now considering that there will be no
competitive football on the domestic
scene [between January and April], it
will be important for us to find ways of
keeping the squad active, so that next
time they go out to represent the
country, they should not disappoint.”
Meanwhile, Northern Region Youth
Football Association (NRYFA) General
Secretary, Desire Bellings, said there
were positives from the Junior Flames’
Cosafa showing.
“We know that the team did not
perform to everyone’s expectations,
but we don’t have to speak badly about
the players or criticise them. This was
their first international tournament
experience,” Bellings said.
He added that organising an inter-
regional competition can keep the
youngsters active.
“If we cannot manage to organise
international friendlies for the team, it
can be very easy to say Under-20
players from the Southern Region
should be playing against their Central
and North region counterparts.
Basically, that can also be a type of
training,” Bellings added.