Official opening on 28th January 2017

It is now an open secret that Be
forward Wanderers and Nyasa Big
Bullets will this coming Monday open
the magnificent Bingu National Stadium
in Luso TV Bus Ipite football fiesta
second leg.
Government through the secretary of
Labour, Sports and Man power
Development, Sam Madula has
confirmed that the two sides will on
2nd January, 2017 play at the Bingu
stadium in the Luso Tv Bus Ipite
football fiesta as a way of testing the
systems at the stadium in preparation
for the official opening.






Bingu National stadium to host the two
rivals next week.
“His Excellency the state president will
officially open the Bingu international
stadium on 28th January 2017. But
before the official opening of the
stadium, Nyasa Big Bullets and the
Nomads will play at the stadium as
government has given a nod on Luso
Tv’s request to have the two teams
battle it out there in the Bus ipiite
football fiesta second leg,” he said.
In the first leg the Nomads came out
victorious after beating their old town
rivals 3 nil at Kamuzu stadium with
Jafali Chande scoring a brace and the
other goal scored by Joseph
Kamwendo to help the Nomads go into
the second leg as the favourites to win
the bus.
The Blantyre football giants match will
be the first match that will be hbingu-national-stadiumosted at
the Bingu National Stadium in
The Chinese government pumped in
26.6 billion kwacha into thei 40,000
capacity stadium project.