There is serious bad blood between Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Clement Chiwaya, and Parliamentarian for Mangochi North,

Chambo, of Democratic Progressive
Party (DPP) who are tussling over who
is closer to President Peter Mutharika
and, therefore, politically powerful in
the district.
According to a voice recording which
is in possession of,
Chiwaya who is also Member of
Parliament for Mangochi Central under
the United Democratic Front (UDF) is
accusing Chambo of interfering with
affairs of Mangochi Central
Constituency instead of confining
himself within his area.
The fight emanated from Chambo’s
attendance of a site meeting on
Thursday last week in preparation for
Mutharika’s visit at St Augustine
Primary School grounds where the
President attended Ijtimah prayers last
Charges Chiwaya: “Chambo, you live in
my constituency and I can use my
powers to make your life hellish. I am
the fifth in command in this country
and I do call Peter [Mutharika] anytime
I want to tell him what I want to tell
him. Let me tell you that there is no
problem between me and Peter.”
But Chambo shoots back saying:
“Never! My brother, let’s just play our
politics but what you are telling me
[that you can make my life difficult]
cannot happen.”
Chiwaya quizzes Chambo as to who
invited him to the site meeting and in
what capacity. He reveals that
Transport Minister, Jappie Mhango, is
the one who tipped him about what
Chambo said at the planning meeting.
Chiwaya also accuses Chambo of
undermining UDF leader Atupele Muluzi
as well as using some vendors to rise
up against Chiwaya.
In an interview, Tuesday, Chiwaya
blamed Chambo for encroaching in his
constituency. He further accused this
reporter for what he said
unprofessional reportage, saying there
was no need to contact him in regard
to this incidence because he did not
see any problem of him warning
Chambo against encroaching in his
“Chambo is the one to blame and you
want to capitalise on me… What kind of
journalism is that? I do not think there
is a problem with telling Chambo to
concentrate on his constituency and
not my constituency because if you
are a good journalist you could have
known that site meetings are attended
by people from the constituency which
the President is visiting,” said Chiwaya
before cutting the line.
Chambo also confirmed both the voice
recording and the bad blood between
him and his fellow legislator.
“I did not know that it is wrong for an
MP to attend a site meeting. I am an
MP for the DPP and I went there
because my President was to attend
the meeting. So I want to be on page
[sic] of the whole arrangement.
Besides that, I was also invited to
attend the site meeting,” Chambo said.
Chiwaya further accused Chambo of
disturbing Atupele Muluzi when the
UDF president attended a funeral
ceremony of late John Chipembere,
brother to late Masauko Chipembere
where Chambo represented
Chambo also stands accused of
convincing some influential members
of the UDF in Mangochi to join the
ruling DPP despite the two parties
being in an alliance.
But Chambo said, in an interview, that
being a family man and an MP, he felt
threatened by the remarks Chiwaya
made, and is relying on the recording
to bear witness if anything happens in