Chairperson of the Parliament’s Media and Communications Committee has said the committee will summon public broadcaster, Malawi Broadcasting Cooperation (MBC) over violations of the Communications Act.

According to the Chairperson of the
committee, Sam Kawale, MBC Radio
and MBC Television have not been
complying with the act. He cited biased
coverage as one of the violations.
Kawale said he intends to table the
matter in Parliament next year.
He said MBC remains unprofessional in
its conduct because its management is
controlled by politicians.
He further explained that the public
broadcaster is breaching media ethics
by using chiefs and pastors to
castigate opposition leaders without
giving them a chance to tell their side
of the story.
“Personally, I am not pleased with
what is happening at MBC radio and
television. It is sad because those
heading the institution are media
experts who should have known better
issues of professionalism and following
ethics. Their news stories are not
balanced which is a clear indication
that they work to please government
only instead of serving Malawians,”
Kawale said.
However, newly appointed Minister of
Information and Communications
Technology, Nicholas Dausi, said the
chairperson should have written MBC
or follow proper channels before airing
his concerns through the media.
The minister added that he is ready to
consider Kawale’s concerns and map
the best way forward.
“As a ministry, we are set to discuss
the matter with the committee. If they
have an issue, they should present it to
us so that we can find best ways of
resolving it. Sharing the concerns
through the media is not helpful as
there are proper channels of raising
such concerns,” Dausi said.
Some quarters of society have
criticised MBC for promoting
propaganda. Recently, some chiefs
castigated leader of the opposition,
Lazarus Chakwera, for his criticism of
President Peter Mutharika’s