A 23 year old Malawian woman in Salima district has given birth to two stones wrapped in a scary black paper,

According to reports, the lady, Lenia
Phiri had given birth to the stones
which among others things had an
improperly written note on it on
This took place at Kamboni Health
Centre in the district







The facility’s officer in charge,
Christipher Kadimba is being quoted as
having said Phiri was brought to the
facility by her mother who told them
she had given birth while they were on
their way to the hospital.
This was after she complained of
labour pains.
But it was on her way to the hospital
when this happened and her mother
who helped her could not believe what
they saw coming out of the lady’s
They then wrapped the stones under a
cloth before they walked all the way
crying to the health facility, sources
She attended her last antenatal
supervision in September and this was
before the health personnel had
discovered that the pregnancy was not
six month old as she had told them.
The health workers said the pregnancy
was younger than the six month she
Unfortunately, she had not been under
any monitoring since then.
Meanwhile, the lady has been referred
to Kasungu dstrict Hospital.
Locals however believe this is hand-on-bedan act
of witchcraft.
In 2009 a 20-year-old Mulanje woman
identified as Agnes Msolo delivered a
300 gram stone at Mulanje District
Hospital. This time her pregnancy was
six months old.