Government to boost small scale busines


Government says it has put in place a number of programs toencourage small scale businesses in order to boost the economy of the country

.Minister of industry, trade and tourism Joseph Mwanamvekha said this during the launch of Leather Industry Association of Malawi (LIAMA) in Lilongwe.Mwanamvekha: we want to encourage small businessesAccording to Mwanamvekha, government will make sure that small scale businesses are financially supported with loans and will also ensure that interest rates in the country godown.On the leather industry, Mwanamvekha said they are training LIAMA members through Common Markets for East and Central Africa (COMESA) Leather Products Institute so that they can beginprocessing leather products.“There are a number of programs that we have put in place as we are now training people through COMESA leather products institute and we believe this will have an impact to the economy,” said Mwanamvekha.He expressed hope that the members of the association will be able to use the skills to produce high quality standards finished products.Mwanamvekha also expressed government commitment to develop the leather industry saying at the moment Malawi exports raw leather products hence the country does not earn much foreign exchange from the industry.Speaking at the same event, SMEDI chairperson Dr Betty Chinyamunyamu said the formation of the association was long overdue since the leather industry had been working in isolation.She expressed hope that the formation of the association will help the industry to produce high quality products that will compete favourably on the international market.