CHIKwA StAff DEMANDiNG the immediate  transfer of the chief

Chikwawa District Council members of staff Wednesday sealed district council offices demandingthe immediate transfer of the Chief Accountant and the Director of Finance (DoF).Closed entrance at Chikwawa councilThe members of staff have sealed the entrance that leads to the offices of the Chief Accountant Ellen Mwale, the Director of Finance Frank Saidi and the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) office.








20161103025920According to one concerned employee (name withheld); their salaries have not been revised since 2013, they have not been paid for three months and they are ill treatedby the accountant and director.“We have reached to this extent because we need an immediate transfer of the saidofficers because they are making our lives unbearable. We don’t know anything aboutleave grants because no one has received such. At the same time, we are tired of negotiating with these people whenever we want to get our monthly salaries,” said one officer.She said the officers turn down every financial request they make and as staff they are aware that the district hasenough money to give them.“The offices will remain closed up until the revised salaries are ready. We don’t want to see anyone working here and we will not entertain it,” added another employee.According to an inside source,Chikwawa District Council direct employees get a gross pay of between MK44,000 to MK69, 000 a month and after deductions they go home withmoney amounting between MK37,000 to MK55,000.Commenting on the matter, Chikwawa District Commissioner (DC), Bester Mandere, said he has invited the Council Chairperson to discuss and iron out the matter.Chikwawa District Council has75 direct employees