The CCAP snody of livingstonia  has Urged Malawi Government

20161103132903The CCAP Synod of Livingstonia has urged Malawi government to implement long term plans for the economic stability of the country.Malawi is currently facing a myriad of economic challenges including high inflation, low agricultural output, heavy reliance on tobacco, power woes, unemployment and widespread poverty.But speaking in an interviewon Wednesday, the synod’s general Secretary Reverend Levi Nyondo said Malawi’s economy can start improving if government implements long term plans for its stability.





Reverend Levi Nyondo; We need to change our mindsets.He gave the example of countries like China and Japan which he said implemented long term plans for the economic stability.“The problem with us is that we depend on short term plans. For so long we have been clinging to short term plans, but surely, nothing has transpired from that,” he lamented.As an alternative, Nyondo suggested that government should start thinking of diversifying the economy.









He said it is only through diversifying the economy that things can start getting back to normal in the country since Malawi will have different revenue streams rather than relying heavily on tobacco.“We have depended on tobacco for so long and nowthe country is not benefitting anything. Our farmers are being exploited and are now frustrated that they can’t produce more tobacco. Worse more, tobacco is facing hostility on the market thus we need to do something if we really want to stabilize the economy,” he said.Nyondo further bemoaned the tendency of blame games between politicians, saying the habit won’t improve anything in the country.He added that the country needs concerted efforts to move from poverty to prosperity.