image-102-451x600Irate Democratic Progressive party (DPP) monitors and that of the United Democratic Front (UDF) with assists from Malawi Electoral Commission(MEC) officials on Tuesday chased away from the poling center the Malawi Congress Party (MCP parliamentarian Amon Nkhta on suspicion that he wanted to influence vote rigging in the by-elections which is underway in Bunda Ward at Kasungu LEA school.Nkhata, who is MP for Kasungu Central Constituency came around 5:45 in the morning and he told the security personnel’s deployed on the area that he came to monitor school block maintenance work under way at the poling center of the by-elections but he did not do as planned.DPP monitor Monga Zintambira confirmed that there was a small fracas resulting to a suspicious move by Mr. Nkhata who he said was not supposed to do that work on the voting day.

MEC Commissioner Elvey Mtafu said the parliamentarian’s presence at the project’s monitoring had caused no influence on the rigging of vote as people may speculate.“Indeed he came as early as 5am, he was at the Kasungu LEA School monitoring work progress of school rehabilitation but political party members thought he was at a wrong place and wrong time to do that job, so they chased him away,” Mtafu said.Nkhata could not be reached for comment as he had sped off with his car.Meanwhile,polling,generally started on a good note on Tuesday morning except for a few places where it was delayed due to some anomalies.